iPad for Small Business on the go

I’ve been using an Apple iPad as a replacement for my macbook. Thus far, working on an iMac in the office and using an iPad when I’m on the go has been a productive combination.

My business is consulting and writing. The iPad makes it easy for me to do word processing, access the web and stay connected to social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

One example: I needed to get some work done but also wanted to experience the excitement of playoff baseball. So, I hung out on Target Plaza during Twins vs. Yankee series. I used Target Field’s free Wi-Fi to follow pitch-by-pitch action on mlb.com while writing “Lurching Thru WordPress: Editing Pages & Posts” guide.

Another way I’ve improved my business productivity with the iPad is by using newspaper apps. Apps give you SO much more than the traditional printed paper – videos, real-time comments, podcasts and related content from other sources. After using the Wall St. Journal app I finally understood what the term “rich web experience” meant.

Still, the iPad may not be a replacement for your desktop or laptop computer. You can’t do more than one thing at a time (multitasking) like type an e-mail while watching mlb.tv, though Apple has promised a software upgrade to fix that in November 2010.

In addition, applications that run on your desktop and laptop won’t run on your iPad. Some have versions for the iPad but you’ll have to buy those through iTunes.

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Susan Maus is a baseball fan. She's a homer for Target Field and writes about the ballparks she visits.