5 Steps For Using Social Media To Grow Your Small Business

Social media can be an efficient, cost effective and measurable way to build your small business.

But before you blog, tweet or fan you’ve got to have a plan.

Here are my 5 SMART Steps for using social media to drive business:

  • Set Goals
  • Manage Strategy
  • Assess Tools
  • Re-purpose Content
  • Tenaciously Review, Revise, Repeat

When considering social media as a marketing and SEO tool, small business owners must consider whether you (or your staff) have the time and expertise to:

  • Integrate social media into your marketing plan
  • Choose the best social media tools to drive business
  • Brainstorm, create and post content
  • Measure and analyze the results
  • Recommend improvements to get desired results

It’s OK if you’re missing a few components. Social media consultants abound – but only one uses social media to drive search engine optimization – Word of Maus!

We collaborate with you to grow your business. Our operating principle: You are the expert in your business and we are the expert in ours. By working together, collaborating, we help you grow!

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Susan Maus is a baseball fan. She's a homer for Target Field and writes about the ballparks she visits.