Tight Marketing Budget? 5 steps for success in 2012

Marketing budgets are lean in 2012. Use 5 smart steps to ensure that your marketing plan makes the most of a tight budget:

  1. Set goals

  2. Manage strategy

  3. Assess tools

  4. Repurpose content

  5. Tenaciously review, revise, repeat

Set Goals

Setting business goals may seem like a daunting task – so keep it super simple (KISS).  Business goals are as diverse as the people who establish them. Some are no-brainers, such as “win enough clients to pay the rent and my salary.” Goals are measuring sticks; but on these sticks, we get to draw the dividing marks.

Manage Strategy

Spend some time thinking about and prioritizing the most efficient and effective use of your resources for managing your strategy. Don’t overlook social media as part of your online marketing plan. Make sure you can measure your marketing results.

Assess Tools

Determine which marketing tools will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Certainly, you need an up-to-date website that makes it easy for people to find you online. What are you missing?

Repurpose Content

Expand your marketing reach by using the same content in different ways for different audiences. For example, post facts or figures from your website on your business Facebook page to educate your fans about what makes your company unique.

Tenaciously review, revise, repeat

Review the results of your business and marketing activities each quarter. Make the necessary adjustments based on analytics (you ARE gathering and analyzing data from your online marketing activities, right?).

Free marketing workbook

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